Editing & Ghostwriting

While it can often be hard to distill the editor from the writer in pieces, I like to think I leave a little of myself in every piece I work on (while, of course, making sure the writer’s voice shines brightly through). I’ve loved the incredible writers I’ve been able to collaborate with over the years and the experts I've been able to help craft an online narrative. I've also worked with brands to ensure their brand messaging fits in without feeling overly promotional. Here are some thoughts from a few of the people I've worked with.

Erin captured my personality perfectly. Being able to have her put in to words what I’ve been trying to express for years is priceless. She’s given me the voice and confidence on paper that I’ve been lacking.
Samantha Marpe, collaborated on personal website copy
Erin is an exceptional editor; her standards are exacting, and she always gives constructive feedback. She is not afraid to tell you when she thinks you can improve a part of your article (and she’s always right), yet she knows how to push you in the right way so that you stay motivated. Anyone who gets to have Erin as an editor is extremely lucky!
Chloe Mason Gray, writer at The Muse
In addition to her creativity, cheerful personality and lightning fast response time, I truly appreciate Erin’s experience and dedication to high-quality work; she knows exactly what it takes to strike it right, and her efforts helped me become a better writer after 6+ months of collaborating.
Krista Gray, writer at The Muse
Erin is a joy to work with! She provided the perfect mixture of critical feedback and encouragement throughout our time working together. No matter what the hang up, she always gave me thoughtful suggestions and words of encouragement that helped me get passed the dilemma. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in building a beautiful website that accurate reflects who they are and what they do!
Erin E. Gold, collaborated on personal website copy