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I’ve had the chance to write a huge variety of pieces during my time at The Muse and with my freelance work on the side, from quippy advice pieces to longer reported articles, interviews with inspiring women to personal essays. In addition to my traditional editorial work, I’ve written sponsored pieces in partnership with brands such as Squarespace, Marriott International, and Capital One. You can find my entire portfolio here, and a few of my favorite pieces below.


Joining a Startup: What they Don’t Tell You About Stock Options

I’m no financial advisor, but I have learned a thing or two about stock options. I’ve also had a lot of questions: How do you know if you should actually buy your options? WTF, taxes? When will these things actually pay off? Using my experiences and the help of an actual financial expert, I’ll dig into all of that.

5 Ways Successful People Become More Innovative Every Day

When you read about highly successful innovators—the likes of Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, or Elon Musk—it’s easy to think that they just have something that the rest of us don’t. How can they possibly keep coming up with such great ideas that change businesses, industries, and possibly even the world?

The Age of the "Whole Human" Workplace: How Companies Today Are Taking Care of Their Employees

Luckily, companies are increasingly looking for ways to support their employees as the complex humans they are. Here are just a few of the ways employers are adapting their benefits or creating new ones to take care of the people who work for them—all of which will hopefully be the gold standard moving forward.

Having a Cash Cushion Allowed Me To Quit a Job I Needed to Leave

It struck me: Could I use some of my savings to give myself the gift of time? That’s exactly what I ended up doing. It’s now been three months since I quit my job, and I’m so grateful to have had that time to pursue creative projects and plan my next move. Here’s how I’ve made it work.

Here's The Real Scoop On How Online Classes Can Help You Get Hired

The value of online classes—more specifically, MOOCs—has been proven. In a study done last year by Coursera on people who have taken its classes, 72% of survey respondents reported career benefits, with 43% reporting improved candidacy for a new job and 26% actually landing a new gig.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Personal Website in a Week

You to spend a little more time getting each piece of your site perfected. To help you out, we’ve created a seven-day plan to getting your personal website done. From the initial planning stages to the actual building and design, it will walk you through all the steps to creating your own space on the world wide web.

These Printable Sticky Notes Are Just What You Need to Get Motivated Today

I used to keep a sticky note next to the trackpad on my laptop with the phrase, “Quit slackin’ and make sh*t happen.” I’ve always loved colorful reminders, whether that’s a message about what needs to get done today, a note about a big goal that I can glance at when I get distracted, or a friendly memo reminding me that everything is going to be OK (really!).

How Blogger Gala Darling Created a Truly Magical Career—and You Can, Too

Let’s start with the first question on your mind: her name. No, Gala Darling was not the name the cheery woman sitting in front of me was born with; it came to her in a dream, and she had it legally changed. In fact, looking in from the outside, a lot of Darling’s life seems to be her dreams made real. For the last (almost!) decade she’s made her living running a sequins-filled blog to help women love themselves more—both inside and out.


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